We get so many great questions over on our TikTok page and Steves spends a lot of time answering these questions.
We had a follow ask Steve what is the lock nut for and does every car have one?

Steve replied with the folllowing:

Not every car has a lock nut. What a lock nut is, is basically it is a key for your wheel nuts. So one of the wheel nuts on each wheel will usually be a combination style. So most European factory cars, like Volkswagon, Audi, some Mercedes and BMW, the lock nut will be in your tyre changing kit. The only other time is when they are after market and your tyre supplier sold you aftermarket lock nuts and then generally you would find them in the console or the glovebox. Not all cars have lock nuts.

That is all a lock nut is and it is very, very annoying when it cant be found. Especially if it is in for tyres, brakes or anything where we need to get a wheel off. 

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