Service Intervals for Vehicles Not Being Driven

We had a really great question from a TikTok follower who asked about their car being in Melbourne lockdowns. They wondered how they should go about service Intervals for vehicles not being driven

This a common problem at the moment with cars not being used as much as they used to be, and this means that KM’s aren’t clocking up at the same rate. Does this mean you should change your service schedule.

Steve gives us some insight.

“This is a really great question!  I have no issues with you extending your service interval out as far as you can. I wouldn’t be going by date. With Kms its going to be a bit of an estimation. Maybe 5kms, depends on how long that is taking you to reach that. If your car is not moving at all, make sure you get it started at least once a week, roll it backwards and forwards a little bit and get it to sit in a different position on the tyres to avoid flat spots.

Also, starting your car up mixes up the fuel a little bit and stops it from going stale as quickly. I would also probably run your fuel tanks down quite low, so that when you do start driving again, you can get a good, fresh batch of fuel in there. Aside from that, that’s pretty much all you can really do.

Talk to your local mechanic, the ones that you are actually using for your services. Have a chat to them anyway, see what they recommend and go from there”

The important thing to remember is that maintenance key and this shouldnt be forgotten about, just because you aren’t driving your car as often as usual.  Learn more about why servicing is important for your vehicle and if you are due for a service and are in the Gold Coast region, make sure to book in with us within your service interval!

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Disclaimer: This is general advice and you should always seek out the advice of your mechanic or dealership for your specific circumstances.