How to Change a Spare Tyre and Check My Own Tyre Pressure

Have you always wanted to know how to change a spare tyre and check your  own tyre pressure (psi)?  Steve has created an easy to follow video below, as well as a step-by-step guide.

First thing you need to do is locate your spare typre and the tools in your car. Which are usually found in the boot of the car. If you cannot locate them, check your owners manual.

  1. Make sure your car is on a flat, level surface, as once you lift the wheel up, it may roll onto you and you dont want that. You can also chock the wheel.
  2. The first tool you want to use is the wheel brace to loosen the nuts. Basically, because no one is usually strong enough, the best way to use this tool is to stand on it and crack all of the nuts.
  3. Find your jacking point. You will usually see a little cut out that tells you where to place the jack (See video) If you are unsure, grab your owners manual which will give you clear instructions for your specific car.
  4. Next you want to use wheel brace again, and connect the bar with the hook to form a t-bar device. With this you can use the hook to turn the screw on the jack. (again see video for visual aides).
  5. Once the wheels are off the ground, you can remove the nuts completely, replace the tyre with the spare and then do the nuts up again. To tighten them fully, jump on the wheel brace again on each nut as you did to begin the job.

And now for tyre pressures.

Every car has a tyre plaquard somewhere. They are usually located in the glove box or in the door frame and we have even seen a couple in the fuel tank. This will tell you what pressure you should have in your tyres (psi).

To check the pressure, take the dust cap off your tyre valve and hook on an air adapter found at most service station. That’s all you really have to do as these machines are usually automatic once you enter in what pressure you want. It will beep at you once it is ready.

Now you know how to change a spare tyre or check your own psi!

Hope this helps you! Dont forget to get your car checked once every 6 months for its scheduled premium or logbook service, as this will ensure your tyres are in good condition and your psi is correct. Have a look out our checklist to see the signs that your tyres are needing to be replaced soon. Ready for a service now? No worries, book your car in now.