We are back with some more TikTok questions. we had a customer ask Steve what could be the reason for a squeaky noise after new pads and rotors?

Steve has answered with the following:

There are quite a few reasons why it can happen. I would say primarily it would be brake pad quality. I find that that a lot of the time, cheap pads will do that no matter what you do. The other one is mismatched pads with rotors. We used to have a lot back in the day such as with Volvo being the best example. They put an Australian set of brake pads in a Volvo and the thing would squeal forever unless you put Australian rotors on that car at the same time. So there are quite a lot of things that can be in it. Another thing it could be is C-Slides. It could so still be bedding in. Its best to take your car back in get your mechanic to take a look at it.

What squeal is, is basically a harmonic noise that comes from the rotor. Its pretty much the same as rubbing your finger on a crystal glass.

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