We are springing into Spring with a focus on suspension (yes, we went there!). We are going to answer all the questions so that you can understand your suspension, such as:

What makes up the suspension components in your car?

Why is your suspension important?

What wear and tear occurs on your suspension components and what does it sound like?

To break it down so that you can understand your suspension, the system connects your wheel assembly to the vehicle frame and aides in the comfort of passengers. The system is there to absorb bumps and allows the wheels to move up and down over the road surface with ease. The main parts of your suspension system include spring, shock absorbers, ball joints, control arms, bushes, sway bars and link pins. 


Your shocks/springs are designed to absorb bumps and sudden movement while driving. It is made up of A healthy shock absorber should minimize excessive movement for passengers when accelerating, turning corners or braking.


The lower ball joint aides in the wheel being steered and with movement when hitting bumps on the road. If the ball joint is worn, it can cause a clunk.


The control arm is a connection piece that allows the wheel to move around. The rubber bushes inside the joint give further suspension over bumps. A worn bush could make a clunk noise while braking or accelerating.


A sway bar connects to the car frame and to the suspension and it helps minimizes the car leaning too far into a turn.


The link pins connects sway bar to the control arms.

Learn more by watching this in-depth Suspension Video and get to know your cars suspension more!

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