Now that we are going through some strange and unusual times with the COVID-19 pandemic, I thought it would be nice to do a bit more of a light hearted post and share some creative and intentional things that you can do with your time from the comfort of your home, whilst social distancing. 

Make a plan for the day – for you & the kids

Now that we are spending most of our time at home, it is so easy to get caught up with watching television, eating and playing on our phones. And while this is all well and good (and fun) we need to make sure we don’t catch ourselves in a slump. So, make your own schedule! Make a list of what you want to get done for each day of the week, whether it be parts of the house to clean, loads of laundry, repairs needed etc. There is nothing more satisfying than ticking off your list, and then you can sit down with that chocolate cake and instagram feed once you’re done!

As for your kids, it might seem painful but we all know that kids thrive on structure and with so much uncertainty right now, some structure in their day will be very welcomed. Make a colourful page to put up on the fridge. Add pictures for little kids, so that they know what is coming up during the day. I tried this for my four year old daughter and she was so excited to see what task was up next. 



Keep a journal

This is an idea that has been floating around the internet lately, so I can not take credit, but it is such a great idea. Keep a journal of the current events, emotions and your thought processes. As others have said, it will be a great piece of history for our children/grandchildren one day in the future. 


Fix up your outside area

Now is the time to make use of your outdoor area and make sure that you are getting your daily dose of vitamin D. Make your outdoor area somewhere that you want to be, relax and maybe even eat a meal. Great news is that most of the regular warehouses and department stores offer delivery- so just grab things online if needed and create your own little bit of paradise.




Kitchen Creativity

Is there a recipe that you have always been dying to try? Try it now! The grocery stores are thankfully feeling somewhat back to normal now and should have your ingredients in stock. Buy extra incase you stuff it up – which is fine! Share your journey on your insta stories and have some fun and a little laugh along the way! And who knows, you may discover a hidden talent.

Throw an online party

Social distancing does not mean we have to distance ourselves from our friends. Now is the time that you will need communication with your loved ones. So why not make it more fun and have an online party? Use a program like Whatsapp, Facebook chat or Zoom, set an event and facetime your group of friends. Make it themed if you like and insist that everyone dresses up and gets out of those smelly pyjamas that we have all been sitting in (you know its true!)



Online Course

Always wanted to start some study? Well, you have a lot more time on your hands now, so what perfect timing to enrol in a course. Maybe it’s a short course that you could smash out in a couple of weeks/months. Or perhaps you want to start a diploma or a degree. Make the most of your free time and invest in yourself!

Order from your local restaurants

Now that a lot of your favourite restaurants have moved to takeaway only, it’s a great opportunity to support by ordering in a meal every now and then. Small businesses need as much help as possible, and this little act will mean so much to them and will help them continue once we are back to normal. Be sure to take a picture of the meal, post to your Instagram and tag them!



Shop Small

Now that we are all having to stay home, some of us will turn to online shopping for our usual retail therapy hit. If you can, try and shop with a small business and help support them through this tough time. Once you have purchased something, share it with everyone in your social media circle. Any sort of advertisement right now will be gold to them.

Go for a walk!

Thankfully, we are still allowed to head outside for a daily walk and we are able to do it alongside those in our household. So grab the kids, grab your partner or even just go alone. Going for a walk can be so therapeutic and we all need to get out from our four walls even just for 30 minutes each day. And who knows, we may burn off those extra calories we have no doubt been storing. 



Take up some lessons

Did you know that a lot of places are offering lessons online during this pandemic? No more excuses of not wanting to cart the kids around from lesson to lesson, because now it’s all in the comfort of your home. Ask them what they would like to learn and you may be surprised at what’s being offered online at the moment! Why not do the same for yourself? Wanted to learn a new language? How about the fine art of crochet? 

Play with our app

Speaking of learning, we have some great information and videos around how your car works on our awesome free app. Just go to our FAQ sections and start scrolling through the great content available from how to maintain your car, what your brake pads are for and how often you should change your wiper blades. Want to know something more specific? Ask one of our mechanics in the chat function. We have great videos that we can send through with more detail about the parts of your car or maybe you just want to chat to us about your booking. Either way, we are there to help you as best as we can, all from the comfort of your home. The app is available at Google Play or Apple Store



Do the things you were putting off

Have you got a long list of things that you have been putting off till a rainy day? Going through your super, organising that cupboard, mending that pile of kids clothes, getting your car serviced…..? Well now is that “rainy day”.

Speaking of car services. Did you know that here at Motive Mechanical, we are offering contactless bookings. You can now drop your car at our premise, pay over the phone or online, and then pick up your car, all without physical contact. This also includes local pick up and drop off of your vehicles if needed. We are also utilising steering wheel covers, seat covers and sanitising products during contact with your car, so that you can feel safe knowing that your car will be clean and  sufficiently sterilised by our team when you pick it up.

So whilst we navigate these uncertain times together, please know that Motive Mechanical is still here for you and your car. We hope that you continue to support our small business and please share about us in any way that you can. Keep safe and well.