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When Do I Need a Safety Certificate?

A Safety Certificate is essential in Queensland to register or re-register a vehicle, and when offering a vehicle for sale. In general, a new vehicle will come with a safety certificate which will streamline the registration process.

If your vehicle registration has lapsed, or if it is registered in another state, you will need to obtain a safety certificate prior to registration in Queensland.


When Do I Need a Certificate of Inspection?

A Certificate of Inspection is essential in Queensland to register or re-register heavy vehicles, buses, taxis and other booked hire vehicles.

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What Does a Roadworthy Inspection & Certificate of Inspection Involve?

A Roadworthy Inspection includes a comprehensive assessment of the components of your vehicle which have the potential to impact on its safety when driven. All necessary components need to be in excellent condition and functioning effectively to be granted a Roadworthy Certificate. Prior to taking your vehicle for inspection, its best to check it over for any potential issues which could result in failure to be given a Roadworthy Certificate. During a Roadworthy Inspection, these are some of the components that will be assessed:

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Roadworthy Inspection & Certificate of Inspection Checklist

  • Brakes functioning at high efficiency, including handbrake

  • Lights must be fully functional, with no cracks in lenses

  • Tyres should have sufficient tread, with valve caps in place and must be inflated to the correct pressure

  • Seatbelts and other restraints should be in good working order, seats must also be in good condition

  • Horn in working order

  • Suspension should be in good condition

  • Steering should function smoothly with straight wheel alignment

  • Modifications check that any modifications to your vehicle are compliant with Queensland safety standards

  • Windscreen should be free of damage in the area covered by the wiper blades

  • Rust can be a signal that the vehicle has been poorly maintained

  • Transmission and oil leaks can indicate a poorly maintained vehicle with the potential for breakdown

  • Battery is securely housed, with sufficient fluid and charge

  • Wiper blades in good working order

  • Radiator hose is supple and without cracks

More comprehensive information regarding inspection prior to obtaining a Safety Certificate & Certificate of Inspection is available from the Queensland Government. Cost of inspections, including booking fees, are also listed on the government site.

To obtain a Safety Certificate & Certificate of Inspection, your vehicle will need to be inspected at an Authorised Inspection Station. At Motive Mechanical, conveniently located on the Gold Coast we are fully authorised to complete vehicle inspections for certification. We also provide full servicing of all makes and models of vehicles – including tyres and batteries. To ensure your vehicle passes its first inspection, consider booking a full service to identify and correct any potential issues prior to roadworthy inspection. Call or email us today to discuss your vehicle needs.


Car servicing is so important to the reliability and safety of your car so don’t put it off because of money. Motive Mechanical provides three payment options to make life easier!

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