Water Dispersant (Aerosol)

Water Dispersant (Aerosol)

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Anglomoil Water Dispersant is a heavy duty water dispersant designed to displace moisture and assist in lubricating, protecting and starting wet motors. The product is suitable to be used on most machinery parts. Anglomoil Water Dispersant also provides corrosion protection and penetrates seized parts to readily enable dismantling.

2 in stock (can be backordered)

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Say goodbye to wet motor woes with Anglomoil Water Dispersant. Our heavy-duty formula displaces moisture, offering reliable lubrication and protection for your machinery. Perfect for starting wet motors, this versatile solution is a must-have for all machinery parts. Not just that, it shields against corrosion and effortlessly penetrates seized parts for easy dismantling. Trust Anglomoil for superior moisture management and enhanced machinery performance.”

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