Grease Molytak NLGI No. 2 Lithium Complex Molybdenum Disulfide

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Anglomoil Molytak grease is a lubricating grease formulated to meet the extreme conditions encountered on off-highway construction equipment as well as heavy duty applications. This product is a lithium complex thickened grease blended with high viscosity base fluids for exceptional film strength and is fortified with molybdenum disulfide for additional load carrying capacity and anti-wear performance. In addition, Molytak grease contains a unique blend of extreme pressure, anti-wear and rust and oxidation inhibitors as well as functional polymers for better adhesion in wet environments and better performance at higher temperatures. Because it is a lithium complex thickened grease, Molytak grease has a high dropping point which also provides excellent protection in high temperature environments.

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