Prepare your Vehicle for your Scheduled Service

Have you ever wondered how you should prepare your vehicle for your scheduled service?

One of Steve’s TikTok followers was surprised to learn that we often have to go into your glove box, either to retrieve your maintenance book or to check on your cabin filter.


So, lets go through a couple of steps that you can do to prepare your vehicle for its service, to help make our job a lot easier.

Clear out your Glovebox

As mentioned, we will likely have to go into your glove box at some point during your service. Either to retrieve your service maintenance book or to check on your cabin filter which more often than not is accessible via your glove box.

You can help us out by leaving your maintenance book on your passenger seat. But also, keeping your glove box clean and tidy will give us easy access to check on your cabin filter.


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Locate Your Lock Nut

Another issue we come across is locating your lock nut. This is the special nut that allows us to remove your specific wheels to check on your brakes. Leaving your lock  nut on your passenger seat is a really big favour that you can do for your mechanic.

Ensure Sufficient Fuel 

A big part of your service is taking your car for a test drive before your service to see if there are any concerns, but also we like to test drive your vehicle at the end to make sure everything is running smoothly before handing it back over to you.

Create Access to your Spare Tyre

If you want us to be able to check on the quality of your spare tyre, then we will need to have access to your spare compartment, which is usually located in your boot. By clearing out any clutter or bulky items, you will allow us to have simple access to check that your spare is ready to be used in an emergency.

By going through these simple steps, you will make our job alot easier and be able to carry our a thorough and timely service on your vehicle.


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