Question: It is a myth that I should service my car at the manufacturers, to maintain the warranty?


It is exactly that, it is a myth!

Any car that is covered by a manufacturers warranty, can be serviced by any registered mechanic.
Where the grey area comes in, is with an extended warranty. Be careful with alot extended warranties, as they usually require you to be serviced by a specified workshop…usually their own. On top of this, sometimes the parts they use arent necessarily new!

So, may sure you read into extended warranties and aftermarket warranties before your purchase them.

As far as warranty servicing goes, at Motive Mechanical, we give our customers the choice of Ryco filters or genuine filters. Ryco does state that they meet and exceed manufacturers specifications, and they have actually won some court cases on this. However, we let our customers make the decision regarding which way to go with that.

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