Manual vs Automatic Debate

The manual vs automatic great debate that has endured through the ages. Do you go automatic or do you go manual? 

 Do you go for your automatic license or do you tough it out and get the manual just in case? 

Well someone asked Steve on TikTok recently, on his thoughts on the manual vs auto debate. 

They asked…

What’s your genuine opinion on auto vs manual?

I want a mechanics perspective!

Ofcourse Steve replied.

I think it’s more personal preference. Manual transmissions have the reputation of longevity and reliability. Basically, there are a lot less working parts on the inside of a manual gearbox. The downfall to a manual is towing and off road. Basically, because you will find that you will slip the clutch a lot more and it will wear it out alot faster. 

Automatic transmissions are brilliant off road, they are so easy to control an auto off road, verus a manual. Towing is a lot easier as well. 

Downfall to the auto though, is transmission temps. So obviously doing off roading and towing is going to raise the transmission temperature levels, which in turn breaks down the fluid faster, which breaks down internal transmission components. So, really at the end of the day, if you like an auto…. drive an auto. If you like a manual….drive a manual. Ultimately, they are probably going to cost you the same over the same period of time.


So, there you have it. Either way, you should make sure your car is maintained correctly every six months or 10,000kms.

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