So, the big question is why should you book in your logbook and premium services with us?

Well simply, it is important to keep on top of your logbook and premium services to maintain the integrity of your vehicle.

We recommend getting a service done every 6 months or 10,000kms; whichever comes first.

This allows the technicians to keep on top of the health of your vehicle, before any major issues present itself and become a safety hazard and/or overwhelming expense for you and your family.


Did you know that we offer 6 months free roadside assistance with every logbook or premium service?

The benefits dont end there!

We also provide you with a 65 point inspection report, emailed straight to your inbox for you to go over and approve any additional work; all while your car is still on the hoist.

When you leave our workshop, you also have peace of mind knowing that you have nationwide warranty on your service, with Motive Mechanical being apart of the Repco Authorised Service network.

Jump onto our service page to learn more about logbook services and premium services. You can also jump straight into making your booking with us in one easy click. We have made the whole process as smooth and streamlined as possible for you. Help us by preparing your vehicle for its service!