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Your vehicle is one of the biggest investments that you will make in your life, and therefore it is so important to keep on top of the mechanical maintenance of your vehicle with regular services and health checks. It is just as vital to keep your vehicle cosmetically maintained both on the inside and the outside and invest in your vehicle; and so we have sought out help from our good friends Jack and Kendall, over at JJC Auto Detailing, to give us their tips and tricks on maintaining the integrity of your vehicle. 

I sat down with JJC and asked the questions that we all want to ask when it comes to keeping our car clean, and we even got into the nitty gritty of poop.

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There is nothing more frustrating than finding a big smear down you clean car. What should you do if you get bird or bat poop on your car?

“The best idea is water. Hose it off the car off ASAP. If it has gone a bit hard and won’t come off with the pressure of the hose, place a damp microfibre towel on the poop and let it soak in. Once it has been there for a few seconds, pick up the bird poo in the towel in a scooping motion, ensuring you rub as little as possible into your paint work. 

How quickly do you need to tend to it?

ASAP. The sooner the better, as the poo can damage your paintwork very easily.”

Are there any preventative measures you can take?  

Wash your car regularly; keeping it clean makes it easier to spot the poo. Also keeping up the protection you have on your paint is vital. Whether your car is coated in Ceramic Paint Protection or a sealant/wax; the more layers of protection, the better. They give you more time and ease with cleaning these poo’s off your car.”


So, tell us, do you need to use windscreen washer liquid or just plain water in your washer pump bottle?

I prefer plain water, windscreen washer fluid can be great to clean your windscreen, but it can be harmful to your paint and the pump.”

What is the most effective way to clean the outside of your windscreen?

“When washing your car, or if the windscreen is only dirty, glass cleaner and the two cloth method is best. Spray the cleaner on the glass, wipe with one towel and then buff clean with the other. Microfiber cloths are best.”

What about the inside of the windscreen?

The two towel method. Much the same as outside, but spray onto the towel, not the glass. Do one half at a time, wipe down with the cleaner, and then follow up with a dry cloth. Doing this in the shade and a cool windscreen will get great results.”

Any maintenance measures?

Other than trying to not touch the inside of the windscreen and keeping your car washed regularly, that’s about it!”



What to do when you spill something on your fabric seats or carpets?

“Act quickly! Get a damp Microfibre and mop it up, then proceed with a dry cloth. If there are any visible or smelly signs of the spill, get to a detailer as soon as possible to get it shampooed. Nobody likes stains and smells!

HEADLIGHT RESTORATIONMotive-Mechanical-JJC-restoration-headlight

Why do my headlights turn yellow?

“Oxidation! Acrylic headlights oxidize when exposed to UV light. Headlight lenses come with a clear top coat to help prevent this but eventually the coating wears off and the sunlight turns the hard plastic yellow!” 

What can we do about it?

“To fix them, the headlight needs to be sanded (if severe enough) and then polished. This removes the yellow dead plastic and coating. Then a new UV resistant coating needs to be applied to ensure it doesn’t happen again for a long time”

JJC stresses that having clear headlights is a matter of safety and they need to be checked regularly; especially on older cars.

We asked JJC to give us any extra tips that they could divulge to us, and they gave us some great information regarding paint protection, as well as what tools are best used whilst washing your car!



The importance of Protection on your Paint!

JJC has stressed that the Aussie sun and Mother Nature doesn’t play fair! They say that “The harmful UV rays will fade your paint. The rain will dry and leave minerals on your paint, to etch and create those dreadful water spots!”

JJC advises that the best protection is to add layers on your paint to help protect it from those UV rays, and allow the rain to roll off your car so it won’t cause water spots. When asked how we can go about this, they state “You can do this several ways, the old standard Carnauba Wax, or a man made Sealant which will last longer. Or Ceramic Paint Protection which is the best and lasts the longest. All have their pros and cons. But bare paint is never a good idea!”



Is it ok to use the old sponge?

“There are now better options than the old yellow sponge! Microfiber mitts and wool mits are now the best to use. The likelihood of dirt and muck getting stuck between the sponge and your paint work is very high with the yellow sponge, whereas the micro fibre and wool mits help whisk away the dirt away from the paint as you wipe. Also get rid of those leather chamois! Microfibre drying towels are much safer and hold much more water!. Out with the old in with the new!”

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