Is there such a thing as a tune up for injected engines?

We are back with another question from TikTok. This time someone asked about tune ups on a injected engine.

They asked:

“Injected Engine. Apart from filters and fluids, is there such a thing as a tune up?

Ofcourse, Steve has answered this question on his TikTok.

A tune up? No

There is a thing called a re-map where you reprogram the computer to reset timing fuel trims etc.

Its not like it was back in the day when you could adjust timing, we could set your point gap, we adjust your air fuel mix through the carborator. So none of that applies anymore. When it comes to major servicing, generally when you do all the filters you have to check the operation of EGR’s. throttle bodies and a few other things like that.

Then we go into using diagnostic tools and check your values through the scan tools.

Then primarily one good option is clearing the fuel trim data. This is where the car learns and adapts to the timing and driver usuage. Putting it back to zero basically puts them back to the factory standard. Not all cars have it but when they do, it makes them drive so much better.

We hope this answeres the question of if you need a tune up for injected engines.

As with all of Steves advice, the most important thing to remember when it comes to looking after your car is the following…..

Maintenance is key!


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So please be sure to keep an eye on your service intervals and come in if you reach your next kms or date. Maintaining your car will help to avoid any major issues that will be costly both financially and with your time.

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