Steve recently took a Hyuandai Kona out for a recent week away and he asked his followers to send through questions that they may have on the vehicle.

Someone asked Steve to review at the interior of the Kona. Steve shared his thoughts on the video below

“So this is the interior, it has a very good head unit which stays active when you’re driving. Mazda does turn off while you are driving so that is one thing. I think the outside of this does look a bit old and outdated. The dash is quite clean. The steering wheel actually feels quite nice and all of the buttons works really well. Aside from that is a good base model car. Im also 6’2” and theres quite a fair amount of head height in this one as well and even looking into the back there is still quite a bit of room. I just wouldnt be putting big people there. Like four big people in the car is a bit hard. Two average height adults and a couple of kids….. no problem at all. “

Someone then simple asked “o-60?”, and Steve replied with the following.

“About an hour I would say. from zero to sixty. It is definitely under powered BUT the fuel economy is insane. I think we have done about 250kms and it is still on 3/4 of a tank. The distance to empty is saying 460kms, whether thats acurate or not is another question but it is good on fuel. “

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