A common question is how does an automatic transmission system run and how to spot an issue?

Well, we have your back. Lets go through how the it all works.

In the simplest terms, the transmission oil pump pushes automatic transmission fluid through the mechanisms to help engage the clutches. This in turn allows the car to change gears. Transmission fluid collects in the oil pan, which is located the bottom of the transmission unit. Fluid is then repumped from here through the system. It is important to change the transmission fluid if it becomes dirty. This is either done if it presents dirty or at specific intervals to prevent such occurances from transpiring.

This video explains what is done during an automatic transmission service.



But, how do you know if you have an automatic transmission system issue?


Transmission light on the dash

If the dash light comes up for your automatic transmission system, it is best for you to pull over immediately. Your car will probably have to get towed to us, so it is always good to make sure that your road side assitance is up to date. Did you know that we offer free road side assistance with your premium or look book service?


Slipping Gears

The point of an automatic transmission system is that you shouldnt even notice when your car changes gears. If you notice any slipping or shaking whilst changing gears, it could be an indication of an automatic transmission system issue.



If you find that there is delay or no response at all when moving into reverse or drive, then you need to have your car towed to us.

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Burning Smell

A burning smell is never a good thing. This could mean that your automatic transmission system is overheating, amongst many other reasons. So be sure to stop driving as soon as you smell this, and have it towed to us to check it out.


Transmission Leak 

Have you noticed red fluid under your car or on your drive way? This could be transmission fluid. This may be a simple leak repair or it could be a symptom of a larger issue but best to let us know and we will take a look!


You are due for your bi-yearly service.

If you are due to come in for your 6 month or 10,000kms service, then its about time you had your automatic transmission system checked, which we will during your 65 point inspection and make sure there aren’t any tell-tail signs of concern before they become a bigger issue.

We hope that this answers any question you had on how to know if you have an automatic transmission system issue!

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