How Often Should You Do a Coolant Flush?

Someone asked on Steve’s Tiktok, how often should you do a coolant flush on your vehicle?

Steve gives his answer.

“Really you should follow your manufacturer’s log book, as to when they say to change your coolant. General rule of thumb is every two years.

Alot of coolant boxes and labelling are saying five year, and I have even seen some say lifetime.

I do not believe that. 

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Water will still turn into sludge. So, I would still do it every two years regardless. The cost of coolant is far cheaper than replacing your cooling system. Things that we don’t do much anymore though, are thermostats. We used to do thermostats almost every year, depending on where you lived.

Nowadays we only do them when they are leaking or when they are faulty and that is purely based on the new design, I guess. So the increased cost is definitely a major factor. If you have a car that has a thermostat that isn’t ridiculously expensive, I would be doing that almost every year.”


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