Should You Clean Your Engine Intake Before Fitting a Catch Can?

This is a great question that one of Steve’s followers on TikTok asked and Steve took the time to answer the questions as best as he could.

He replied with the following

“Adding a catch can; you can pretty much do this at any stage of the vehicle’s life. Obviously the earlier the better. If you have only just acquired a car and it has over 100,000kms, then by all means get one and stick it on there. As far as manifold cleaning, you don’t have to do it at the same time as fitting a catch can. However, it will help the engine immensely, particularly on or over that 100,000km period. 

Yes, mechanics can take them off and clean them and it’s generally the best way to do it. Also cleaning down in to the cylinder head a little bit towards the valves really helps as well”

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For those still following along that are unsure of what an Oil Catch Can is and what it does, this video gives a really good explaination.

To put it simply, the catch can is used to collect any oil or moisture that gets passed the PCV valve. This is filtered out before it can reach the intake manifold which leads towards the engine. This helps to reduce the build up of carbon and reduce corrosion.

What about fitting a catch can after an EGR delete? See our post to know more.

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