How often does your oil needs changing?

Engine oil is an essesntial part of your car and it plays a big role in making sure that your engine runs efficiently. Not only does the oil act as a lubricant between moving parts; it also reduces the heat caused by friction, moves dirt through the oil filter and ultimately extends the life of your engine.

Check out this video, which explains the role your engine oil takes in your engine.

Unfortunately, many people do not know what warning signs to look out for to change their oil and help avoid any issues with the engine. Here are 7 signs that you may need to change your engine oil:


1. Engine light

A big sign is that your “engine oil” light is illuminated on your dash. Older cars may show a “check engine” light for overall engine issues. Your first port of call would be to check if your oil needs changing.

2. Strange noises

Sometimes you will hear a knocking sound when you start your car up. This can range from a few seconds, to lasting quite a while. The latter will need to be taken to your mechanic ASAP but you may be able to prevent any long term damage by topping your oil up as soon as you hear any of sort of engine ticking. A roaring or growling engine also me mean you have some dirty engine oil.

3. Dirty or gritty oil

Fresh engine oil is a clear, golden colour. Once it runs through the engine it will darken quite quickly. However, you will need to keep an eye out for sludgy or gritty engine oil. This is not what you want your engine oil to look like and it will need have it replaced soon.

4. Dark smoke

Dark smoke coming out of your exhaust is a tell tale sign that your engine oil is dirty and will need to be replaced.

5. Oil smell

Are you noticing an oil smell in your cabin when your car is running? This is a sign to schedule a service right away as you may have an oil leak.

6. No oil on the disptick

If you regularly check your oil levels, you will see that your oil should be sitting between the two markers. If your oil is below this level, its a great sign to top it up with some fresh oil.

7. Its time

Do you remember the last time your had your car serviced? We recommend you have your car serviced every 10,000kms or 6 months; which ever comes first. So if you are overdue, or dont even remember the last time you had your car serviced, then thats a strong indication that you are due for an oil change.

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