Have you ever heard the theory that you need to train your car to know how you drive? Does Your Car Adapt to How You Drive?
Someone asked this question to Steve on TikTok. They asked…

Hey, stupid question. I’ll be buying a new car soon. Is it true you need to “thrash it” first up so the computer learns how you drive? Fact or Fiction?

Steve has answered this question with the following….

“There are a couple of ways to answer this question. One is that the car technology these days with fuel trim, your car will adapt to your driving style. You dont need to thrash it. You just drive the way you normally would drive and it will adapt to that. The concerning thing is that most people get confused, when they buy an older vehicle and it has been driven by a very conservative person and I mean VERY, like driven to the shops once every three weeks, kind of conservative. 

Sometimes a carbon ring can form at the top of the bore and if an aggressive person jumps into the car and thrashes the living heck out of it, the carbon ring can actually make contact with the rings because the rods stretch just that tiny little bit. I have seen it happen once where the rings got damaged but that is the only time I’ve ever seen it. Generally, if you’ve got a car, giving it a good run on the motorway is the best way to maintain it. Give it a good hit, it needs it.”


Giving it a good run on the motorway is the best way to maintain it”


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We hope that answers the questions on how your car adapts to how you drive. And as always, another great way to maintain your car is by keeping up to date with your services.


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