A follower on our Motive Mechanical Tik Tok asked Steve to ellaborate on the dealership warranties situations, so that everyone is clear on the details.

The reason for his comment, was because it was in response to an earlier post on someone claiming that the warranty was now voided on the car that Steve was working on. Steve defended this notion saying that he can work on any car without voiding its warranty and it was only if he made modifications to the vehicle, that it may void it.


A follower then commented “Explain this in a video, so many people they have to take their cars dealers (sic)”.

Steve responded with the following Tik Tok Video….


“So there is a lot of misconception when it comes to logbook servicing and maintaining your manufacturers warranty.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has completely backed the aftermarket industry by stating that you do have a choice of your repairer. If the car is maintained as to the manufacturers specifications., then there is no problems at all.

I even witnessed it when I went in to buy my new car. They were telling me that I could only take it back to them. Which is pretty rude considering that should be illegal. Thats like scare tactics, and its not real cool.”

So, there you have it! We do have alot more information regarding new car warranties, myths around taking your car back to dealerships and log books specifications.


We also have the law, how it is written on a poster in office (See below) Basically there are no ifs, buts or maybes. Anyone is allowed to work on the car for a manufacturers warranty.

Now extended warranties…. thats a different story. Stay tuned.

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