Coolant performs a really important role within your car. It helps keep the engine from overheating as well as lubricates the moving parts in the cooling system. It is also the easiest maintenance check that you can do at home, to keep your car in top condition. See more about the benefits of coolant in this video…


But how can you tell if your car needs new coolant? Keep an eye out for the following: 

Sweet Smell

Is your car letting off a sweet scent? You may not know this but coolant generally contains ethylene glycol, which produces a sweet smell when it is burned off. Some liken the smell to maple syrup!


Low Levels

You should be checking your coolant levels periodically to ensure your levels don’t get too low and damage your cooling system. Low coolant will be the first sign that you need to top up your levels. See this video below on how to check your levels. 

Heater isn’t working

If warm air is not coming out of the vents, while you are using your heater, it may also be a sign of low coolant causing insufficient heat distribution. 

Colour Change

Any changes to the colour of your coolant is a sign of a problem. If it has a red rusty tinge to it, it is a sign of rust contamination and should be flushed. If you find that your fluid is black, this may be a sign of an engine oil leak and will need to be flushed and further investigation would be needed to determine the oil issue. 


Coolant light 

If your light comes up on the dash, it is time to pull over to the side of the road and call for roadside assistance 

Vehicle Overheating
This could be as simple as seeing the dial move up to the higher temperatures on the dash, or it could mean steam coming out from the bonnet of your car. When your engine is overheating and there is no coolant, the gauge may not work correctly. If this happens, pull over immediately and call your roadside service.


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