It’s been awhile, so lets get back into those TikTok questions and today we tackle the questions on catch cans after EGR deletes.

We had someone ask the following quesiton.


“Would you still recommend a catch can after an EGR delete mate?”

Ofcourse we look to the main man Steve to answer these questions. He has provided an answer below.


“Yes, I would definitely recommend a catch can. Now, the main issue is when the oil and the EGR gasses mix and it turns into this crusty looking stuff.

The next problem you have is that the oil vapour goes through the whole system. You can actually get a build up of it, particularly in your intercooler.
The Hyundai iLoad is a really good example. The intercooler gets so full that it will actually start leaking and dripping oil from the intercooler. The other thing that can actually happen as well is that you can get diesel run on. So that oil being built up, when the engine sucks that in it adds another fuel source and you cannot stop that engine from running and that is when they blow up.

So, yes I would definitely put a catch can in any diesel, any time, anywhere.”

We hope that clarifies whether we recommend catch cans after EGR deletes. As Steve always says “Maintenance is Key” so keeping on top of your services is the key to keeping your car and all its components in top shape. How long has it been since your last service? You can easily make an appointment now by clicking the button below.

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