Is your caravan or trailer towing the line? Bring it into a local Repco Authorised Service for a service.

Just like your car, every caravan, trailer or horse float needs regular servicing and maintenance.
Trailer and caravan manufacturers recommend that wheel bearings and brakes are serviced every 10,000km or 12 months. At Repco Authorised Service, we will also check many other items such as; couplings, lights, bushes, wiring, springs, chassis mounts, cables, latches and the list goes on.
Have your next comprehensive caravan or trailer service done at a Repco Authorised Service centre. This service can be carried out by over 100 Repco Authorised Service centres, who have specialist expertise, facilities and training specific to trailer and caravan servicing. Find your local Repco Service centre and book today.


Every one of our 450+ family owned workshops is backed by Repco with training, technical equipment, and top quality spare parts. Our trusted independent service centres will explain all of our work in a straight forward manner, and advise you of any extra work that may be required on your trailer or caravan. Plus our nationwide warranty has you covered wherever you may be towing that caravan or trailer.

Caravan and trailer service – everything you need to know and more

Setting off on a holiday with your caravan or trailer?  Selected Repco Authorised Service centres conduct specialised caravan and trailer services. They are comprehensive and ensure that your caravan or trailer will hit the road running.