You may not realise but your cars cabin filter plays an important role in keeping your family safe.

Whilst it may not protect you in an accident, it will ensure your familys health is protected by keeping your cars cabin air clean and breathable.


The cabin filter is often found in the glove box compartment of your car and is a panel made up of multi fiber paper.

Outside air is then guided through the cabin filter, where it removes impurities such as bugs, organic matter and toxins. All of this before entering in the cabin of your car through your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system.

Not only can a dirty air filter cause havoc on you and your families health, it can also ruin the mechanisms in your cars HVAC system such as the fan.

Here are some signs you may need a new cabin filter:

  1. Lack of air flow coming through your HVAC vents.
  2. Musty or stale stench.
  3. Windows are fogging more than usual.
  4. Whistle coming from vents.
  5. Exasperated allergies.

However, your filter is part of the usual checks during your logbook or premium services. So, as long as you keep on top of your scheduled services, you should be notified of any concerns by your technician before you feel the affects of a dirty cabin filter.

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