This is your all inclusive guide to your car’s airconditioning system. Learn all about how it works, what can go wrong and other frequently asked questions. First and foremost its always a good idea to understand the systems in your vehicle. Below is a great short video on whats involved in your airconditioning system overall, and below that we break down some key parts of the system!


Leaking Condensor

Leaking Condensor


The A/C condenser receives high pressure gas from the Compressor which is then changed to a high temperature liquid. The liquid then moves through a metering device to a lower pressure, where it evaporates and cools.
Since the condenser is located in the front of the vehicle, it has a high tendency to be hit and punctured by foreign objects. If a hole is created in the condenser, the freon is able to leak from the system causing it to work inefficiently if at all. Once a problem like this occurs, the condenser will need to be replaced.


The compressor sucks refrigerant gas from the evaporator, and forces it into the condenser. Over time, moving parts inside the compressor can wear and release small particles into the A/C system which can detriorate the moving parts inside. Once this has happened, the compressor will not be able to compress the gas to the required pressure.
When your gas levels deplete, the compressor has to work harder which in turn uses more fuel.
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The air inside our vehicles has been found to have a much higher concentration of pollutants than in the air just outside the vehicle – up to 10 times in some cases.

CABIN FILTER cabin filter

The cabin filter prevents dirt and contaminants entering the vehicle and also filters out unpleasant odors. The cabin air filter is usually located just before or after the blower motor & A/C vents of the vehicle
Your cabin filter should be checked regularly to help create a non toxic environment for your family.
You can learn more about the purpose of a cabin filter in our comprehensive blogpost.
Studies show the AC systems loses a small amount of gas each year and requires regular servicing to run effectively and efficiently. During our AC Service we remove the old refrigerant gas, and refresh with new gas. We also add a fluorescent dye to the system to help detect any future leaks.
A: Open your windows for a minute to let the heat out, point your AC vents upwards, as the cool air you are blasting will drop & make sure that your air recirculation button is activated.
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