You have all heard the ads; that your tyres are the only thing connecting you to the road. So, it is imperitive for both your safety and the efficient operation of your vehicle, to ensure that your tyres are in top condition. So, lets go over four signs your tyres need replacing and what causes these issues to arrise.

1. Minimal tread 

Your tyres start off with around 10mm of tread and this decreases over time from normal wear and tear. The tread has grooves all over the tyre surface which creates grip on the road. It also allows space for water to disperse throughout whilst driving on wet roads, helping you to avoid aquaplaning. Once you reach 2 mm of tread, this is one of the big signs your tyres need replacing .


2. Uneven Wear

Tyres can wear unevenly for several reasons but one of the main reason would be for incorrect tyre pressure. If you find that the middle of your tyres are worn before the outside, this indicates that your tyres have been over inflated. If the outside has worn down faster, it indicates that your tyres have been under inflated. Your tyres correct pressure will usually be noted down on a sticker within the frame of the driver’s door. Try to keep your tyres at this pressure to avoid uneven wear to prevent signs your tyres need replacing.

3. Cracks/Damage

Cracks can appear on your tyres simply from the sun breaking down the integrity of the rubber. Once this starts to happen, you are gambling with a possbility of the tyre wall collapsing, which can be dangerous, especially if you are travelling at hight speeds on the highway. The grip from the rubber is also compromised once the rubber starts to dry out.

4. Bulges

Are you noticing bulges in your tyres that look like they’re bubbling? This is usually evidence of some internal damage to your tyre, possibly caused from driving errors such as hitting potholes or the gutter. The bulges are created from the air pressure escaping from cracks within and pushing out on the inner wall. This is one of the signs that signs your tyres need replacing.

This is a really helpful video explaining tyre damage.

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to change your tyre, have a read on a blog post that gives you a step -by-step guide.

If you have any concerns with your tyre integrity, please bring your car in to us for a diagnosis and we can determine the best course of action. We also check over your tyres during your scheduled logbook service or premium service. If you are needing new tyres we can talk you through our many tyres options from our affordable tyre brands all the way up to premium tyres, and everything in between.

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